We are Arina and Tony, and we have decided to open a perfumery in Bordeaux because, for us, fragrance is more than just a scent. It is something that can change lives.

We pay special attention to the relationship between fragrances and emotional states. Our boutique offers a wide selection of perfumed compositions capable of evoking specific emotions. For example, aromas that promote relaxation and serenity, stimulate energy and motivation, and boost self-confidence.

Our main idea is that perfumes can become magical triggers, awakening beautiful memories and emotions associated with joyful events. Connect happy moments of life with our fragrances to revisit that wonderful state after some time has passed.


Arina : Each significant stage of my life is intimately connected to perfume. During my first trip to Paris, I found myself in a niche perfumery. They handed me a bottle of fragrance labeled «for those who want to change their life». I wasn't quite sure what I was seeking, but I succumbed to this olfactory temptation. From that moment, everything started to transform. I discovered enchanting new places, encountered inspiring souls, and my heart fell in love with this magical city. Throughout this Parisian adventure, I always carried that precious elixir with me.

Upon returning home, every time I uncorked that bottle, I was swept away by memories filled with happiness and love for life - the fragrance instantaneously transported me back to Paris. Empowered by these memorable moments, I gained strength and determination to embark on a new life in Paris.

I fervently desire that every person can experience this inner strength, determination, love, passion, serenity, and harmony through our perfumes. For it is our fragrances that possess the power to immerse you in various states of being, not only altering your mood but transforming your entire existence.

Tony : I appreciate niche perfumes for their high quality. I like when everything is at the highest level: unique flavors, expensive and luxurious ingredients, elegant packaging. We wear perfume every day and it is important to me that it is safe for our health. Therefore, I only choose niche perfumes that use high quality raw materials and ingredients.

Each fragrance is a work of art that reveals itself differently on each skin, creating a unique scent. Isn't this uniqueness we are looking for every day?